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    Market Price
Chemicals Benzene Styrene Toluene PX MX Methanol DEG PP PE  
Polyester PX PTA MEG PTA Futures PET fiber chip PET bottle chip
PFY PSF Differential Fiber Industrial Yarn
Recycled Bottle flakes Recycled polyester fiber
Nylon CPL/PA 6 chips NFY NSF  Industrial yarn/Cord fabric
Spandex PTMEG MMDI BDO Spandex covered yarn
Viscose Cotton linter/Pulp VSF VFY Cotton Spot Futures
Acrylic ACN Acrylic fiber Acrylic yarn  
Spun Yarn Imported cotton yarn Cotton Yarn Polyester Yarn Rayon Yarn 
PP spot sentiment subdued with weaker futures
PP granule spot PP spot market is weak. Spot supply is still limited. Downstream is resisting strongly to ... ... 17 Jul
PE spot basically flat
Trading of Vietnamese cotton yarn modest
Offers of polyester yarn and polyester/cotton yarn remain ...
[ 2018 PSF Industry Forum (The 6th ...
2018 PSF Industry Forum (The 6th Re-PET Forum), hosted by CCFGroup, sponsored by Hengyi, Desel, Yofull and ... ... 13 Jul
Indian Reliance shuts 750kta MEG unit
Xiamen Xianglu's 160KTA PFY plant resumes production
Hanbang restarts PTA unit
Consumer spending to sustain momentum
Consumption accounts for 78.5 percent of expansion in first half of this year Consumer expenditure on ... ... 17 Jul
IMF forecasts 6.6% growth for China
1st LD-Writethru: China's fixed-asset investment up 6 pct ...
China's GDP grows 6.8 pct in H1
Exchange Rate:1USD=6.7067RMB (2018/07/16)
PX CFR China 1(USD) 07/16
RMB PTA 20(RMB) 07/16
RMB MEG 75(RMB) 07/16
PET chip SD 25(RMB) 07/16
Polyester DTY 150D/48F 0 07/17
PSF 1.4D*38mm -40(RMB) 07/16
RMB ACN 0 07/16
ASF 1.5D*38mm 0 07/16
RMB CPL 50(RMB) 07/16
Nylon 6 DTY 70D/24F SD 0 07/16
Spandex 40D 0 07/16
Medium-grade VSF -50(RMB) 07/17
Cotton carded yarn 32S -5(RMB) 07/16
Cotton grade 3128 -20(RMB) 07/17
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PTA Market Price(18/07/17)
MEG Market Price(18/07/17)
PET fiber chip Market Price(18/07/17)
Polyester Staple Fiber Market Price(18/07/16)
Polyester Filament Yarn Market Price(18/07/16)
ZCE PTA Futures(18/07/16)
Industrial Fiber Market Price(18/07/17)
PET bottle chip Market Price(18/07/17)
ACN Market Price(18/07/16)
Acrylic Yarn Market Price(18/07/16)
Nylon Industrial Yarn/Cord Fabric Market Price(18/07/16)
CPL/PA 6 chips Market Price(18/07/17)
Nylon Filament Yarn Market Price(18/07/16)
Nylon Staple Fiber/Tow(18/07/16)
PA 66 chips(18/07/16)
Spandex Market Price(18/07/16)
Spandex covered yarn(18/07/16)

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