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Industry News | Time: Jun 11 2020 10:22AM
Indonesia applies safeguard measures for imported fabrics
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On June 3, 2020, the WTO Safeguard Measures Committee issued the safeguard measures notification submitted by the Indonesian delegation to it. On May 27, 2020, the Ministry of finance of Indonesia issued regulation 55/PMK.010/2020 in its official gazette. From May 27 2020 to Nov 8 2022, the Ministry of finance of Indonesia implemented safeguard measures for imported fabrics in the form of special tariff for three years. Tax Number 5208.12.00, 5208.32.00, 5208.49.00, 5208.51.90, 5208.52.90, 5209.12.00, 5209.22.00, 5209.29.00, 6006.42.90, 6006.43.90, 6006.44.10 and 6006.44.90 are involved. The products involved in the case imported from the Macao Special Administrative Region are not included in the above-mentioned taxation scope.

On Sep 18 2019, Indonesia launched a case investigation on Safeguard Measures for imported fabrics. On Mar 3 2020, Indonesia made final determination on Safeguard Measures for imported fabrics.

Source: WTO
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