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Industry News | Time: Jan 28 2015 11:17AM
Textile Manufacturer Kanati plans to close doors in Pakistan and focus domestically
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Kanati Co., a Canadian-based clothing company plans to run all operations domestically from Waterloo, Ontario having realized that they were spending far too much time, effort and money in Pakistan as they can no longer wait and hope for improvement in Pakistan.

The stability of the country and supply chain disruptions was key reasons for the company to close doors overseas. As an organization that serves clients globally, they can’t afford the disruption and down time in Pakistan.

Liam Massaubi, co-founder of the company said that their clients depend on a fast and reliable service. Their new facility will feature state-of-the-art machinery and will provide cost-effectiveness and reliability which allow them to better serve their clients better.

Kanati Co. will be introducing its manufacturing in three phases. The company will also be introducing custom headwear services in its flagship store in Waterloo, Ontario.

They are added benefits of a domestic manufacturing approach where they are able to control all of the variables, which cannot be done in Pakistan. The company takes pride in providing quality service; they take appropriate action when their standards are compromised.

By taking this step they will be able to maintain their standards and remain in a global market by engaging skills and abilities of a local workforce.

Kanati Co was established in 2009 as a Canadian menswear label, manufacturer and retailer with international distribution. As a manufacturer it offers private label services for brands globally on a membership basis and provides Made-on-Demand service.
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