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Industry News | Time: May 26 2017 10:39AM
[11th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum]Textile & apparel industry development and forecast under consumption upgrade
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Mr. Zhang Shuai, Investment and Financing Director of Far East Horizon delivers his report of Textile & apparel industry development and forecast under consumption upgrade

Mr. Zhang divides his report into 3 parts.

1. Industrial operation statistics analysis, including Industrial environment review--Official data, Industrial environment analysis--domestic sales and export, Industry environment analysis--business prosperity of enterprises, Industrial environment analysis--territory comparison and Industrial environment analysis--country comparison.

2. Relative industrial environment analysis, including consumption industry comparison, upstream industry comparison, peer industry comparison, downstream industry comparison and brand operation comparison.

3. Industrial environment outlook, including judging from global value chain, judging from fixed asset investment, judging from equipment sales, forecast by industry, policy, brand, enterprise; Thoughts about vortex-spun products, period of opportunity for outdoor product industry, development direction for recycled cellulose fiber, smart textile with bacteria detection function.

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