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Industry News | Time: May 26 2017 2:58PM
[11th China Hangzhou Cellulose Fiber (Viscose) Industry Forum]Global paper grade pulp markets
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Oliver Lansdell, Analyst & Consultant from Hawkins Wright, delivers his speech of Global paper grade pulp markets

Firstly, Mr. Lansdell gives a big picture of world paper and board market review and outlook, including the output and consumption in 1990-2016. Through the analysis of world market pulp demand growth in 2006-2016, it is seen that China is pivotal for market pulp demand.

Secondly, Mr. Lansdell introduces the demand of pulp. The market pulp demand by end-use market in 2016 and the global tissue production are analyzed.

Thirdly, Mr. Lansdell points out the global market pulp supply outlook. He estimates that bleached chemical market pulp supply may see 6.00 million tons of new capacity and supply may be in glut in 2018 due to large rise of market pulp capacity. But there are multiple ways the market will rebalance.

Lastly, he introduces the woodchip supply in Southeast Asia in 2005-2016 and Chinese hardwood chip imports in 2016. According to the analysis on chemical cellulose and paper grade pulp demand
Indexed since 1990, superior growth prospects for chemical cellulose to attract more conversions of paper grade pulp capacity to dissolving pulp. Moreover, due to lack of investment, constraints on capacity in Southeast Asia and more conversion of capacity to dissolving pulp, the supply may reduce.
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