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Industry News | Time: Mar 21 2019 11:08AM
[2019 China Hangzhou Chemical Fiber Forum]
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2019 China Hangzhou Chemical Fiber Forum" hosted by Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd (www.ccfgroup.com and www.ccf.com.cn ), sponsored by Highchem, CABOT, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Yofull Machinery, Shanghai Clearing House and Shenyin Wanguo Futures was held in Hangzhou China during March 21-22, 2019.

More than 600 participants attended the forum and heard presentations from CCFGroup, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Rongsheng International Trade Co., Ltd., Sinopec, Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Dalian Commodity Exchange, Shell (China) Limited, Grand Energy Co., Ltd., China Chemical Fibers Association, Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemicals Co., Ltd., Caitong Securities, Jiangsu Zhiyuan Co., Ltd., and etc.

Opening speech
He Yanli, Vice Chairman, China Chemical Fibers Association, Lai Tianming, General Manager of CCFGroup have made the opening speeches and extended their warm welcome to all the attendees.

He Yanli, Vice Chairman, China Chemical Fibers Association

Lai Tianming, General Manager of CCFGroup

Main Session
A.M. March 21, 2019

Xiao Lisheng, from Institute of World Economics and Politics Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
2019 macroeconomic situation analysis and outlook

Jonathan Xu, Rongsheng International GM Assistant, Changes and
challenges in 2019 refining and chemical industry

Xiang Bo, Chief Director of synthetic raw materials, Sinopec
PX-PTA market forecast

Xu Ji'en, Vice General Manager of Sales Center of Yisheng Petrochemical
Influence of PTA internationalization on enterprises' operation

Xu Sen, HighChem 
Opportunities and challenges in syngas-based MEG market under capacity expansion cycle

MEG Session
P.M. March 21, 2019

Chen Xuanchen, Senior Manager, Business Department of Dalian Commodity Exchange 
MEG futures contract rules and brief on operation condition

Chen Zhengyuan, EO catalyst Sales Director of Shell (China) Limited 
Shell EG/EO technique and catalyst

Liu Qionglin,special guest invited by DCE, PIC of MEG research and investment in Grand Energy Co., Ltd., 
2019 MEG supply/demand structure and spot-futures operation strategy analysis 

Chu Jiewang, from Shanghai Clearing House 
OTC chemical derivatives market status quo and forecast

Wang Weidong, from Argus
Polyester feedstock market supply/demand forecast in Asia

Polyester Session
P.M. March 21, 2019

He Yanli, vice president of China Chemical Fibers Association,
Interim overview and outlook of China chemical fiber industry during the "13th
Five Year Plan"

Zhao Donghua, GM, Zhejiang Hengyi Petrochemicals Co., Ltd
Polyester industrial development tendency analysis in China

Yu Xiaobo, Managing Director, Chief Analyst of chemical fiber industry from Caitong Securities
What should we pay attention to except for the polyester industry itself?

Huang Gui, CEO, Jiangsu Zhiyuan Co., Ltd. ,
“Block chain + big data” Open a new era of Chinese apparel manufacturing

Financial Session
A.M. March 22, 2019

Wang Pei, Founder of Horizon Insights,
Expectations restore prematurely, downward cycle has not ended

Zhou Xiaokang, General Manager of U-SHINE FUND,
Crude oil market supply and demand outlook in 2019

Wang Minnan, Vice General Manager of Shenyin&Wanguo Zhifu Investment Co., Ltd.,
Application of PTA OTC option in enterprise risk management

Pan Wenneng, Senior Analyst from Huarui Information,
Influence of PX capacity expansion to polyester and aromatic market

[RISK DISCLAIMER] All opinions, news, analysis, prices or other information contained on this report is provided by analyst of Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd (CCFGroup) as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. CCFGroup will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.
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