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Economy | Time: Aug 28 2019 9:18AM
China's coal-rich province to cut 18.95 mln tonnes of coal overcapacity
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TAIYUAN -- North China's Shanxi province plans to reduce 18.95 million tonnes of coal production capacity by closing 18 coal mines this year.

Twelve of the 18 coal mines to be closed have an annual output of 600,000 tonnes or less, according to a work team tasked with guiding the work to cut overcapacity of the province's coal and steel industry.

Shanxi plans to close all its coal mines with an annual output of less than 600,000 tonnes by the end of 2020, when the annual output of a single coal enterprise should be more than 3 million tonnes, through mergers and reorganization.

As the coal-rich province seeks greener growth, Shanxi has closed 88 coal mines and cut 88.41 million tonnes of overcapacity from 2016 to 2018, leading the country in cutting coal overcapacity. The advanced coal production capacity in Shanxi has increased to 68 percent of its total coal capacity.

Source: China Daily
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