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Insight | Time:Jun 16 2017 1:33PM
Impact assessment on emergent suspension of dyeing plants in Wujiang, Jiangsu
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Dyeing plants in Wujiang of Jiangsu received emergency notice in the night of Jun 15th 2017 that the output should be suspended for half and no document was seen. Some dyeing plants have already cut half of the production after receiving the oral notice. The suspension is likely to be attributed to the environmental protection issue, but how long will be the suspension last is not confirmed.

It is understood that part of dyeing plants has started to curtail half production and the order arrangement has be affected, but not all dyeing plants implement the notice and the suspension in late market is also needed to be observed.

In terms of printed and dyed output, Wujiang market takes a share of about 10% nationwide, and only 5% of dyeing plants are requested to cut production. Besides, this round of suspension is for the plants in Shengze Town of Wujiang. Though its proportion in Wujiang market is large, the proportion is limited overall in China. For the printed and dyed polyester fabric, Wujiang accounts for about 12% in total China, and the influenced parts are around 6%.

Besides, if the shutdown time is not long, the influence is likely to be limited and plants will resume operation after the environmental problem is solved, similar to the situation happened in Apr 2016. At that time, all printing and dyeing plants were required to curtail 50% of production from April 9, 2016, to ensure the water quality safety of Taipu River and avoid the entire shutdowns. Total antimony indicator in Taipu River of Wujiang rose obviously affected by the closure of Taipu River floodgate, tidal backwater and hot printing and dyeing market. After the problem was solved, all dyeing plants recovered the production.
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