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Insight | Time: Sep 26 2022 4:21PM  Editor:Monica Jiang
Rayon yarn export of China in Aug declines on both monthly and yearly basis
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China exports 13.015kt of rayon yarn in Aug 2022, down 11.46% y-o-y, including 8.53kt of single yarn and 1.385kt of ply yarn, respectively down 15.98% but up 30.36% on yearly basis. Thus, the export of pure spun yarn occupies 76% of total rayon yarn exports. At the same time, the export of rayon blended yarn amounts to 3.099kt, down 30.76% y-o-y.



Rayon single yarn exported to five destinations (Brazil, Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and Vietnam) in Aug amounts to 7.556kt, down 3.18% y-o-y, accounting for 89% of total single yarn exports and the percentage is inching up. The export to Brazil has declined notably m-o-m, but still much higher than the average level in the first half of year. The export to India has recovered evidently on the month, but still far below the average level in the first half of year. The export to other areas changes little due to low base number.



Rayon single yarn exported from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Xinjiang and Sichuan totals 8.271kt in Aug, taking up 97% of single yarn exports, down 5% m-o-m and down 16% y-o-y. The export of major origins generally slips, except for rising volume of Fujian.



In conclusion, the export of rayon yarn in Aug witnesses a decline on both monthly and yearly basis. The export to Brazil decreases, while that to India climbs up and no big changes occur in other destinations. As for the origins, the export from the top five regions generally slips, except for that from Fujian.

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