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Research | Time: Apr 30 2019 4:46PM
Development of nylon downstream sectors
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In 2019, there is over millions of tons/year new nylon 6 chip capacity scheduled to be started, and 398kt/year has been commenced in the first quarter already. In contrast, there is no new capacity released in filament sector yet. The development of demand will affect the price, profit of nylon 6 chip, and survival of some enterprises.

Content (Total 18 pages)
I. Nylon 6 chip demand distribution change

II. The development of nylon 6 downstream fields
2.1 Textile filaments
2.1.1 Profits generally improved
2.1.2 Rising industry operating rate and lower inventory
2.1.3 Basic solution to the problem of payment arrears
2.1.4 Domestic sales growth slows down
2.1.5 Resident disposable income grows steadily
2.1.6 Per capita clothing consumption expenditure growth is limited
2.1.7 Export growth maintains at low level
2.1.8 Textile raw material output may see low or negative growth
2.1.9 New round of capacity expansion
2.2 Modified engineering plastic-demand growth rate slows down
2.3 Industrial filament and cord fabric - slow growth sustains
2.4 Nylon staple fiber - saturated supply and demand
2.5 Film - growth expected to grow
2.6 Nylon 6 monofilament - the peak has passed, and growth slows down
2.7 Microfiber - mainly develops among oligarch enterprises

III. Summary

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