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Research | Time: May 18 2022 2:07PM  Editor:Saint Danny
Operations of China's textile and apparel mills in the post-pandemic era
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In 2021, China's economy as a whole showed a trend of "rising first and then weakening". In the first half of 2021, thanks to the good control of the pandemic in China, the domestic economy continued to improve, and the enthusiasm of national consumption obviously recovered. In the second half, however, in the face of adverse factors such as repeated pandemic, supply chain disruptions and extreme weather, domestic economic growth slowed, public consumer confidence and willingness to purchase declined, business pressure increased, and the overall sales performance of the textile and apparel industry was weak. The growth rate of the textile and clothing industry in 2021 also showed high rises in the first half and low rises in the second half.


Under this background, in order to understand the actual operating situation of textile and apparel mills in 2021, the annual report data of A-share key textile and apparel listed enterprises and H-share textile and apparel mills was analyzed and their production and operation indicators in 2021 were sorted out and briefly analyzed.


1. Macro environment and operation of textile industry in 2021

2. Operating capacity

    2.1. Operating indicators: improvement of operating efficiency

    2.2. Higher inventory of key clothing enterprises

3. Profitability: both revenue and net profit increase

4. Developing ability

    4.1. Developing ability index

    4.2. Sales channels: online and offline integrated development

5. Debt paying ability: decline of asset-liability ratio

6. Cash flow indicators: decline in profit quality

7. Conclusion

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