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Research | Time: Nov 17 2022 1:41PM  Editor:Dilys Wang
Imported cotton yarn becomes a hot potato: Will the market usher in turning point?
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The repeated epidemic and complex Chinese and foreign economic situation this year have pressed the slow button for global textile and apparel consumption. Foreign cotton prices have been much higher than Chinese one, making the supply and demand situation change greatly in cotton yarn market. This research report will discuss deeply about the current condition and future price tendency of imported cotton yarn.


1. Current condition of imported cotton yarn

1.1 Weak support for spot imported yarn price

1.2 Loss condition is normalcy

1.3 Cotton yarn imports reduce obviously

1.4 Forward yarn mills continuously reduce production

2. Can imported cotton yarn usher in turning point?

2.1 Estimate price tendency of imported cotton yarn from Chinese cotton price

2.2 When will the ordering chance come?

2.3 Chinese cotton yarn鈥檚 replacement of imported cotton yarn may continue


Figure 1. Vietnamese yarn and Pakistani yarn price in different ordering point

Figure 2. Estimation on spinning cost

Figure 3. Price and price spread of Vietnamese 32S and Chinese 32S

Figure 4. USD Exchange rate and ICE cotton futures


Chart 1. Spot imported yarn price

Chart 2. Profit of Chinese imported yarn traders

Chart 3. Chinese cotton yarn monthly imports in 2021-2022

Chart 4. O/R of major forward yarn mills in 2021-2022

Chart 5. Chinese 3128B and CotlookA price trend

Chart 6. Cotton yarn monthly supply in China

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