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Research | Time: Mar 8 2021 10:19AM
Crazily boosting spandex price on sound fundamentals and jumping cost
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Surging price on spandex value chain has aroused much market concern recently. Supply of BDO, PTMEG and spandex is estimated to grow under low growth rate in 2021 while demand will enjoy multiple upward momentum, which can be described as during prosperous cycle.

Prices kept soaring after the Lunar Chinese New Year and are anticipated to extend higher in short run. However, intensifying negative feedback from downstream market should be guarded against, which will weigh on price periodically.

I. Ongoing bullish market fundamental

II. Crazy prices

III. Comparison of demand and price

Chart 1. Supply and demand of BDO, PTMEG and spandex in 2020
Chart 2. Capacity and O/R of spandex, PTMEG and BDO in 2016-2021
Chart 3. Stocks and O/R of spandex market in 2010-2021
Chart 4. Monthly price of BDO and PTMEG in 2010-2021
Chart 5. Profit margin of BDO, PTMEG and spandex in 2010-2021
Chart 6. Monthly price of spandex in 2010-2021
Chart 7. Price and sales ratio of spandex in 2010-2021
Chart 8. Price and demand of spandex in 2010-2021

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