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Focus | Time: Jul 17 2018 3:45PM
Research on PBT fiber for apparel use in China
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Direct-spun PFY capacity expanded rapidly in recent years but the end-user consumption increased limitedly. Conventional products face contradiction in market supply and demand, market competition become more and more intense. This situation cause great pressure on high cost chip-spun PFY plants. Thus, both direct-spun and chip-spun PFY plants need to explore new developing ways.

As one of the five major engineering plastics, PBT resin is mostly used in PBT modification, PBT fiber, PBT film and PBT optical sheath etc.
In recent two years, with its unique advantage, PBT fiber use in apparel segment has been widely expanded, mainly in winter wears.

So what is the attractive points of PBT fiber?
How is raw material and PBT product supply and demand situation?
How is profit of PBT resin, PBT fiber and PBT twisting?
What are challenges and opportunities of PBT spinning in future?

Chapter One. PBT fiber introduction
I. PBT fiber history

II. PBT polymerization and spinning technology
1. PBT polymerization technology
2. PBT spinning technology
3. PET unit turn to PBT production

III. PBT fiber and THF performance
1. PBT fiber performance
2. By-product THF performance

IV. PBT fiber major specification and application
1. Type and specification
2. PBT fiber application and seasonal feature
3. THF application

Chapter Two. PBT feedstocks
I. Main feedstocks form
II. Major feedstock suppliers and supply pattern
1. Major BDO suppliers and supply pattern
2. Major PTA suppliers and supply pattern

Chapter Three. PBT industry supply and demand
I. PBT chip (fiber or non-fiber) supply situation
II. PBT fiber supply situation
III. PBT industry imports and exports change
IV. PBT industry supply and demand change
V. Downstream plant distribution and major plants
1. Twisting plants
2. covered-yarn and weaving plants

Chapter Four. Price and sales mode of PBT chip and fiber
I. PBT feedstock
II. PBT chip
III. PBT fiber
IV. Related fiber in covered yarn

Chapter Five. Cost and cash flow from PBT chip to covered yarn
I. Costs of each sector
1. Chip cost
2. POY cost and waste dispose
3. DTY cost and production difference
4. Covered yarn cost and output
II. Cash flow in each sector

Chapter Six. PBT industry in future
I. PBT chip and spinning capacity expansion
II. PBT demand forecast
III. Industry forecast

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