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Focus | Time: May 16 2019 11:16AM
Sino-US textile and apparel trade relations & comprehensive impacts of the trade war
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Key points:
1. Comprehensively sort out the global shares of China and U.S.'s imports and exports, as well as the scale of trade surplus/deficit
2. Changes in macroeconomic indicators and exchange rate fluctuations in China, U.S. and related countries and regions under the influence of trade war macroeconomic risks
3. Trends in U.S. textile and apparel imports and China's share
4. China's textile and apparel export structure and U.S. textile and apparel breakdown analysis
5. Status quo of China's textile and apparel retail sales and orders
6. Influences of environmental protection rectification on China's printing and dyeing sector and the whole textile industry
7. Supply and demand pattern and production and sales and production of cotton and chemical fiber under the trade war
8. Implementation of additional tariffs on Sino-U.S. products
9. Impact analysis of China's new policies on industrial customers
10. Impact assessment of the extreme state of Sino-U.S. trade war on fiber consumption


Chapter One. Sino-U.S. trade war background and macro influences

I. Background and development of Sino-U.S. trade war
1. Sino-U.S. trade frictions in history
2. New trade war in 2018
3. Sino-U.S. trade objectives

II. Status quo of Sino-U.S. trade
1. The status of China and U.S. in global trade
2. Overview of U.S. import and export trade
3. Overview of China's import and export trade
4. Sino-U.S. bilateral trade overview
5. Interpretation of Sino-U.S. trade surplus/deficit
6. China's import and export structure of U.S. products
7. China and U.S.'s textile and apparel imports and exports

III. China, U.S. and global economic status under Sino-U.S. trade war
1. Changes in China's major macroeconomic indicators
2. Changes in major macro indicators in U.S.
3. Macroeconomic indicators in other major markets
4. Changes in the global exchange rate market
5. Summary

Chapter Two. China's textile and apparel status in the U.S. import market
I. U.S. textile import volumes and import origins
1. Changes in U.S. textile imports
2. Import origins of U.S. textiles
3. Which textiles are mainly imported by U.S.?
4. Major textile sources in U.S.

II. Changes in U.S. imports of Chinese textiles
1. Import volumes and shares of Chinese textiles in U.S.
2. What textiles does U.S. mainly import from China?

III. U.S. apparel import volumes and import origins
1. U.S. apparel import volumes
2. U.S. apparel major import origins
3. What kinds of apparel are mainly imported by U.S.?
4. Major import origins of U.S. apparels

IV. Imports of Chinese apparels in U.S.
1. Import volumes of Chinese apparels in U.S.
2. Market shares of Chinese apparels in U.S. apparel import market
3. What kinds of apparels does U.S. mainly import from China?

V. Impact assessment on Sino-U.S. textile and apparel after levying additional tariffs
1. Fiber consumption assessment by China's textile and apparel exports to U.S.
2. Substitution of U.S. textile and apparel consumption

Chapter Three. Imports of U.S. textile and apparel in China
I. China textile and apparel imports
1. Changes in China's textile and apparel import value
2. Import origins of China's textile and apparel
3. Import value and shares change of imported U.S. textile and apparel in China

II. What kinds of textile and apparel are mainly imported from U.S.?
1. Export structure of U.S. textile and apparel to China
2. Impact on cotton market after China adds additional tariffs on U.S. cotton

III. Major textile feedstock imports and exports and additional tariffs in U.S. and China

IV. Impact of China to add tariffs on U.S. textile and apparel

Chapter Four. China's textile and apparel industrial chain status quo and outlook
I. China's apparel sales and production and sales analysis of large enterprises
1. Changes in China's apparel retail sales
2. China's textile and apparel data in Cantor Fair
3. Changes in online and offline sales of China's apparels
4. Changes in the export sales of China's apparels

II. Influences of environmental protection rectification on printing and dyeing and semi-finished products
1. Printing and dyeing capacity and environmental protection policy
2. Operation status of printing and dyeing listed companies

III. Cotton and chemical fiber operation status and expectations impacted by the trade war and environmental protection
1. Cotton, PSF and VSF price comparison
2. Operating rate and inventory comparison of cotton yarn, polyester yarn and rayon yarn
3. Prices, operating rate and inventory change of cotton fabric and rayon fabric
4. Operation status and expectations of polyester industry chain
5. Operation status of major spinning and weaving listed companies

Chapter Five. Comprehensive impact assessment, involving hedging schemes

Tariff appendix for main products of polyester upstream and downstream
Textile and apparel tariff appendix

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