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Focus | Time: May 16 2019 2:57PM
Deep research on Pakistan spinning cost and international competitiveness
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As the fourth largest cotton producer in the world, Pakistan is also a yarn production base with cotton yarn spinning capacity over 15 million spindles, about 3.4 million tons per year. Thus it is also an important cotton yarn import origin of China. Where does Pakistani cotton yarn capacity distribute and which specifications are mainly produced? Which varieties are exported to China and what is the competiveness of Pakistani cotton yarn compared with Chinese one? Why does China need to import a large amount of Pakistani cotton yarn? The research mainly covers the upstream and downstream supporting industry of Pakistan cotton textile, the competitiveness of China, Pakistan, India and Vietnam in cotton yarn and the differences in cost of major products.


Chapter One. Pakistan cotton yarn market overview
I. Pakistan macro market overview

II. Pakistan cotton yarn market
1. Pakistan spinning capacity and distribution
2. Pakistan cotton yarn output and structure
3. Pakistan cotton yarn export

III. Pakistan cotton yarn market operation
1. Cotton yarn export price and profit
2. Sales progress of cotton yarn mills

IV. Pakistan cotton supply and demand structure
1. Pakistan cotton output and characteristics
2. Pakistan cotton import and export
3. Pakistan cotton supply and demand
4. Pakistan cotton price

Chapter Two. Pakistan textile downstream industry and textile & apparel
I. Pakistan cotton fabric market overview
1. Pakistan weaving capacity and distribution
2. Pakistan cotton fabric output and structure
3. Pakistan cotton fabric export

II. Pakistan end-user market overview

III. Summary of Pakistan preferential policies for textile and apparel industry

Chapter Three. Pakistan spinning cost analysis
I. Cotton cost of cotton yarn mills
1. Pakistan cotton price
2. Pakistan cotton cost and losses

II. Labor wages

III. Electricity cost

IV. Other variable cost

Chapter Four. Cost competiveness analysis of Pakistan and other major yarn producers
I. Overview on major cotton yarn producers

II. Cotton cost comparison
1. Cotton price change
2. Conversed cotton cost comparison

III. Labor cost and electricity cost comparison
1. Labor wages comparison
2. Electricity cost comparison

IV. Other cost comparison

V. Processing cost comparison of major products in China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan

VI. Tax and preferential policies comparison in major cotton yarn producers

VII. Selling price and profit comparison of major products

VIII. Competitiveness comparison conclusion

List of major suppliers in Pakistan (sellers)
List of traders purchasing Pakistani cotton yarn in China (buyers)

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