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  About Us

Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd was founded in 1997, as the leading consulting company in chemical fiber and textile industry. "Timely and accurate information" is always upheld as our principle.

As the first website providing chemical fiber market information in China, China Chemical Fiber Website (CCF) is famous for quick response and unique perspective and has achieved the reputation of "No. 1 chemical fiber website in China."

In collaboration with China Cotton Textile Association and China Yarn Dyed Weaving Association, China Cotton Textile Website (TTEB) which integrates the advantages in industry information resources is dedicated to provide authorized industry guidance and accurate market information.

CCFGroup.com integrating selected information from CCF and TTEB has provided industry information and consulting service to overseas customers such as BP, SABIC, Fiber Economics Bureau, Cotton Inc. etc.

With comprehensive data of China chemical fiber and textile industry and professional analyzers, we have been a regular information supplier for Ministry of Commerce as well as National Development and Reform Commission.