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Tanboocel Bamboo fibers are becoming more and more popular in the global market due to its excellent air permeability, Bacteriostasis, anti-ultraviolet and comfortability. With widening application of bamboo fiber, the identification become important for the downstream yarn and fabric manufacturers.

Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd, the producer of TANBOOCEL bamboo fiber will hold a quality testing symposium on 2008 China Viscose Industry Forum, cooperated with CCFGroup and ¡°TANBOOCEL¡± Bamboo Fiber Industry Alliance. The experts will help identify the TANBOOCEL bamboo fiber for the downstream manufacturers in order to effectively regulate the market and guarantee the legitimate rights and interest of its members.

Following the symposium, Enterprises of cotton linter pulp, dissolving pulp, viscose staple fiber, viscose filament yarn, yarn spinners, cotton textiles and authorized institutions will discuss on hotspot issues of viscose and textile industry. The attendees will also include home and overseas viscose and feedstock producers, yarn spinners, downstream cotton textile manufacturers, traders, experts and leaders from the associations.

Thanks to the big support of all Tanboocel customers and end-users. We sincerely welcome all of you to share your valuable opinions during Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber Quality Testing Symposium and 2008 China Viscose and Textile Industry Forum on April 24-25,2008.

Date £ºApril 24-25, 2008
April 24: Registration
April 24 PM: Tanboocel Bamboo Yarn Quality Testing Symposium
April 25:Viscose market and industry development forum Venue: New Century Hotel Xiaoshan, No.77, Renmin Rd., Xiaoshan district, Hangzhou

For details, pls visit our website www.jghx.com or forum link: http://viscose.ccfgroup.com
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