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¡¡¡¡Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber Enters Industrial Cluster
  ¡°Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber Enters Industrial Cluster Forum¡± was held in Zouping, Binzhou City, Shangdong Province, a famed cotton textile city in China on May 6. The event was sponsored by Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber Industrial Union and organized by Shangdong Haosheng Group.

¡°Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber Enters Industrial Cluster Forum¡± with the theme of ¡°Innovation, Environmental protection, Health and Honesty-Our common social responsibility¡± invited the experts from Donghua University, China Association for Health Products, Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd, Huafang Joint Stock and Haosheng Group who specialized in the development and application of bamboo fiber. They held a deep-going communication in the following inspects: the development trend of novel fibers in textile industry, the exploitation and development of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber, the application of new materials in textile field, the introduction of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber textiles, the dyeing & finishing of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber fabric, textile market led by bamboo culture, the process of applying for Tanboocel tags, the prospect of healthy textiles and the application of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber in home textiles, the function of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber and the development of other novel fibers, the exploitation of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber in the field of towel articles.

Another spotlight of the event was featured with Binzhou home textile industry. Shangdong Haosheng Group displayed delicately a series of Bamboocel home textile products, about 300 kinds exhibited, such as towel, washcloth, Turkish towel, beach cloth, bedsheet, bath robe and so on. Shujin, Chen, vice president of China Textile Industrial Association, attended the event and gave a speech. He reported that Bamboocel was degradable and regenerative resource, according with energy-saving and emission reduction policy of the government. The environmental-friendly fiber owned a brilliant prospect, due to its innovation of fiber feedstock and excellent downstream textile products.

According to Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber Union, Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber will carry out a spate of activities in advanced textile and clothing provinces, such as Fujian, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, aiming to broadcast the advantage of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber in China and to serve large corporations and groups in the industrial chain. It will also introduce this new type of fiber to keystone corporations, to expand applications of the fiber and to upgrade relative products. Anyway, Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber will make contributions to the industry.

Bamboo fiber processed from bamboo pulp is a new textile material. After coming out in 2003, it is called as the fifth-largest natural fiber, following cotton, linen, silk, wool. Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd registered the " Tanboocel" brand. Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber are favored by consumers due to features of natural anti-bacterial, reducing radiation, moisture absorption, and healthy beauty. With the constant innovation of bamboo fiber technology, production of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber gradually expands, but still in a short supply.

In order to develop Tanboocel bamboo Fiber industry healthily, Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber Industry Union was formally established in November 2005. The union is an association of the enterprises in Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber industrial chain that covers bamboo fiber, yarn, greige, and end-products. With the enterprises in the union as the core, the union combines with domestic relative industries and research institutes to develop Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber and the downstream products, and this effectively increases the proportion its members take in the markets of the industry chain. Thus the quality stability and brand reliability of Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber are guaranteed better.

The aim of the union is to develop and operate Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber and the downstream products in a cooperative relationship, so as to achieve the purpose of advantage and resource complementarity among union enterprises, and promote the development of members as well as the common prosperity of relative industries, which will lay a good foundation for a bigger, stronger, and better Tanboocel Bamboo Fiber industry and its sustainable development.


TIME£ºOCT 20-23£¬2008

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