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TANBOOCEL Bamboo Fiber Ranks among World's Top PV Exhibition

Premi¨¨re Vision Exhibition abbreviated as PV exhibition includes Expofil, Premi¨¨re Vision, Le Cuir ¨¤ Paris, Indigo, Mod''''Amont and ZOOM. It has formed "Premiere Vision Le Salon" and become another fashion event in Paris since the establishment in 1973. Designers and fabric suppliers who attribute to global fashion and fabric industry will participate in the show as well as leading enterprises of textile and clothing industry. So it can be regarded as a banquet of global textile industry.
Hebei Jigao Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd mobilizes entire enterprises to join in the league by virtue of the renowned international brand "Tanboocel". The whole procedure from exhibit space application, sample collection to exhibition in France gains strong support from enterprises of the alliance and assistance from leaders of the union. Thus, "Tanboocel" becomes one of the three representative exhibitors (The other two are Wuxi Tianran Group and Huafu Group.) and stands on the same stage with "DuPont" and "Lycra".
At this exhibition, "Tanboocel" attracted large numbers of fabric & yarn suppliers and senior fashion designers and put itself on world-class stage. Bamboo with Chinese characteristic has become a hotspot on this exhibition and made the whole world feel the softness and comfortableness of Tanboocel bamboo fiber. Swiss and European fashion TV gave in-depth reports and the exhibition also attracted some well-known European textile & garment colleges.

1. Booth appearance 2. Booth wall 3. Technics process 4. Interviewed by Swiss TV 5. Prepare for exhibition 6. Tanboocel fabric

Tanboocel represents the international competitiveness of Jigao Chemical Fiber and Tanboocel bamboo fiber industry union. Its softness and comfortableness are favored by people all around the world. The allied enterprises will receive enquiries and orders from other countries after the exhibition and the union will have a brighter future.


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