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¡°TANBOOCEL¡± bamboo fiber

¡°TANBOOCEL¡± bamboo fiber production flow: bamboo-thick pulp-fine pulp-bamboo cellulose fiber-bamboo fiber ¡°TANBOOCEL¡± fiber is a kind of natural, green and environmental friendly fiber of our company with patented technology and the production capacity is at 20kt per annum.

¡°Sangma¡± hemp fiber

¡°Sangma¡± hemp fiber fabric are smooth feeling, shining in color, cool, breathable, naturally anti-bacteria. ¡°Sangma¡± fiber is a kind of healthy and comfortable fiber.

Viscose staple fiber

¡°Baishan¡± viscose staple fiber of our company has won silver award of the nation. It is regenerated cellulose fiber taking cotton pulp as raw material and through alkali soaking, squeezing, aging, sulling, mixing, filtering, ripening, spinning, refining and dry. The quality of the product is ensured with well-developed quality control and inspection measures.

Cotton pulp, hemp pulp & bamboo pulp

Taking cotton linters of type II and III as raw materials, ¡°Dujuan¡± cotton pulp of our company is awarded as excellent product of the province. Based on different accplication, it can be divided into two types-cotton pulp for viscose filament yarn and cotton pulp for viscose staple fiber.

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