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2018 Nylon & Spandex Industry Forum
Nylon market interprets the “collision between expectation and reality” in 2018. Contract deals are done at high prices, but contract deals are more flexible than spot trading. Is contract trading really healthy? New CPL capacities extend to start up, and new nylon 6 chip capacities under construction exceed one million tons. Will the gap between supply and demand be large? Industry giants emerge one after another, and the industry is more concentrated. How will industrial competition change? Environmental problems are still serious, and accidental plant shutdowns happen frequently. What are the influences on upstream and downstream markets? Demand continues to grow firmly. Will there be breakthrough for traditional products? And will demand of new products keep growing stably?

Spandex capacity expansion would see a new peak in 2018, and industry concentration improves further. The advantages in scales, areas and efficiency become more obvious. Industry reshuffle speeds up, and there are more mergers. How will spandex industry transform? How will Chinese spandex enterprises’ international mergers affect global pattern? Will demand growth accord with supply growth? MMDI market outshines others, while PTMEG market is weak. Why the trends of feedstock markets diverge greatly?

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Macro economy is changeable and complicated in 2017, and global market is in a turmoil. De-leveraging regulation strengthens in Chinese market, and will commodity markets stay bullish? Crude oil has dropped largely, and will agreement on crude oil production restriction restores market confidence? The Federal Reserve is expected to shrink balance sheet after interest rate lift, and will RMB exchange rate be affected?

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