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Industry News | Time: Jun 23 2017 10:57AM
[2017 China Yarn & Fabric Summit (The 6th Imported Yarn Forum)]Indian cotton yarn-demand & supply dynamics
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Mr Sanjay K Jain, President of Northern India Textile Mills’ Association/TT Textile, delivers his report Indian cotton yarn-demand & supply dynamics.

There are four parts in the report.

The first part is Indian cotton yarn status. India is the second largest producer in the world and the largest exporter of cotton yarn (24% share). 72% of yarn is for domestic sales, and 28% is for exports to China, Bangladesh, Korea, Egypt, Peru and so on. India is a big spinning country (2nd only to China)

The second part is the advantages of Indian cotton yarn. India has a very strong machinery base for spinning – LMW, Reiter, Kirloskar Toyada etc. India consistently has 25% plus cotton yarn surplus for exports. India has the largest area under cotton in world – 11.5 mln hectares, and is the largest producer of raw cotton fibre (mainly medium staple length – 28 to 30mm).

The third part is market forecast. Negotiations are on for Europe FTA. Tariff in China for Indian yarn will be at par with ASEAN countries i.e. 0% from 3.5% (under APTA). Tariff in China for Indian fabric will be at par with Pakistan i.e. 0% from 8.5% (under APTA).

The last past is TT sales around the world. TT sells in 65 countries across the globe. TT manufactures cotton yarn, knitted fabric and garments. TT was voted as the most popular imported cotton yarn brand by a survey done by tteb in 2016.
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