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Industry News | Time: Jun 23 2017 2:29PM
[2017 China Yarn & Fabric Summit (The 6th Imported Yarn Forum)]Textile industry status in Malaysia and competitiveness of Malaysian cotton yarn
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Liu Qing, Board Director, Shandong D&Y Textile Co., Ltd., gives her report Textile industry status in Malaysia and competitiveness of Malaysian cotton yarn.

Ms. Liu delivers her report in the following aspects.

First, she made overview of textile industry in Malaysia. Malaysia is an important country linked by Maritime Silk Road. Malaysian government gives great support to textile industry in recent years, issuing preferential policies to encourage investment in synthetic fiber, fabric, knitted fabric, finishing, special clothing, technology and functional textile products. The government also encourages investment in high-tech and high value-added products. The exporting value of textile products from Malaysia is expected to reach $7.5 billion in 2020.

Second, she introduced the investment environment in Malaysia: Good relation with China, and solid economic foundation; advantageous geographical location, convenient transportation; rich oil and gas resources, low electricity cost; stable society, secure and reliable for investment; two years of tax exemption and three years of tax reduction.銆

Third, Ms. Liu expressed the advantage of D&Y Malaysian cotton yarn. The production line is equipped with state-of-the-art automated yarn spinning machines. Cost advantage is apparent too. Quality has advantage too. D&Y Malaysia is committed in bleach yarn to become professional bleach yarn plant. Yarn is produced with US cotton as feedstock. Migrant workers are contracted for more than 3 years.

Finally, she pointed out the development plan of D&Y in Malaysia. D&Y Group plans to invest 200 million USD to construct phase III in Oct, 2018. With 260,000 spindles more, D&Y will build a world-class textile model factory with a total capacity of 500,000 spindles and annual sales may reach 400 million USD, providing more than 2,000 jobs. It may be the largest spinning mill in Malaysia.
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