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Industry News | Time: Sep 11 2019 8:33AM
[The 14th Nylon Industry Forum (2019)]
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A.M. Sep 11, 2019
Keynote speech

Lai Tianming, general manager of Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd, gave a speech to the 14th Nylon Industry Chain Market and Development Forum (2019). First of all, Mr. Lai銆expressed his appreciation to all the participants. He pointed out that after two years of development, China's nylon market encountered the downturn in 2019. The contradiction between supply and demand in the upstream and downstream has been intensified. The producers cut operating rate under high stocks and anti-dumping issues are on the rise. Nylon industry will face new challenges in the future and will require continuous efforts and mutual support from all of its peers. Finally, Mr. Lai once again thanked everyone for their participation and wished the forum a complete success.

Lai Tianming, general manager of Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd (CCFGroup)

Wang Yang, Shenyin & Wanguo Futures
China's economic and trade situation and challenges

Ding Wei, IHS Markit
Global base chemical outlook and benzene fundamentals

Zheng Shengwei, CCFGroup
Asian textile and apparel market share change and industrial investment environment analysis

Crystal Chiang, Director of PCI Wood Mackenzie in Asia
Polyamide 66 market overview

Zhao Juan, Senior Analyst of CCFGroup
Nylon industry pattern outlook under the trend of integration

P.M. Sep 11, 2019

Liu Xiangdong, Guangdong Xinhui Meida Nylon
Recycled nylon 6 fiber application prospects and trend forecast

Ma Duanrui, Shanghai Huafon Micro-fiber Co., Ltd.
Introduction of microfiber synthetic leather

Ding Zhengya, Kingfa Sci. & Tech. Co., Ltd
Modification technology and application trend of polyamide materials for automobiles

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