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Industry News | Time: Aug 11 2022 1:26PM  Editor:CCFGroup
[The 21st China Hangzhou Chemical Fiber Forum (2022)] Achieve industry breakthroughs and boost Dual Carbon and Dual Reduction-New scheme of Transfar Chemicals in fiber and chemicals field
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Wang Xiaohua, head of R&D center from Transfar Chemicals, delivers her report Achieve industry breakthroughs and boost Dual Carbon and Dual Reduction-New scheme of Transfar Chemicals in fiber and chemicals field


Her report includes four parts: 

The first part: brief introduction of Transfar Chemicals. With lubrication protection as the core, Transfar Chemicals is committed to providing process chemicals to the entire chemical fiber industry.

The second part: Status quo and development trend of oil agents used in chemical fiber industry. Oil agents have high import dependency now as the development of POY and FDY oil agent technology and chemical fiber is not matched. With higher concentration ratio of chemical fiber industry, the promotion of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals and Double Reduction policy, substantially upgrading production technology and the spread of COVID-19 pandemic, demand for oil agent is stabilizing, demand for high-performance oil agent is growing and the domestication of oil agent is accelerating. 

The third part: Transfar Chemicals' new scheme in chemical fiber field. According to various chemical fiber production processes, Transfar Chemicals develops many oil gents which can be applied into different statues. 

The fourth part: the advantage of oil agent from Transfar Chemicals in quality consistency control. Relying on the perfect quality management system, technology and product development platform, as well as the professional filament oil evaluation laboratory, Transfar Chemicals can provide users with products and processes as a systematic solution provider.

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