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Economy | Time: Mar 19 2020 8:01AM
China to nurture new engines of consumption official
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China will facilitate emerging consumption models, represented by online shopping, which are burgeoning despite the bite of the novel coronavirus outbreak, the country's top economic planner said Wednesday.

Emerging and upgraded consumption is expected to bring new drivers for the economy, said Ha Zengyou, an official with the National Development and Reform Commission, adding that measures will be taken to fuel its healthy development.

The country will expedite the construction of "new infrastructure" projects such as 5G networks and data centers, shoring up information services for the new consumption, Ha said.

Efforts will be made to invigorate the integration of online and offline consumption and upgrade traditional retails and services, he said, adding that the use of green intelligent products is encouraged.

In the meantime, market regulation will be optimized to build a sound environment for new consumption.

China will remove institutional barriers for consumption growth and revive pent-up demands amid the epidemic control, Ha said.

Source: www.xinhuanet.com
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