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Insight | Time: Sep 27 2019 11:09AM
Recycled products in the Yarn Expo Autumn
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2019 Yarn Expo Autumn has been held in Shanghai on Sep 25-27. Chemical fiber products attract good popularity, and the overall hotspot is the recycled product, with the labels of the Global Recycle Standard (GRS) all around. In the near future, the labels of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may been seen.

1. Background
With the urgency of sustainable development and the constant awakening of the concept, China's "waste ban" has forced foreign countries to ban and restrict plastics from the root. Part of the development appeal is recycling and renewable. The years between 2020 and 2025 is also a period for international brands to increase consumption in recycling. Another development appeal is degradable, in which viscose fiber has this characteristic, as well as natural fiber, such as corn fiber, fiber extracted from sugar cane, and the degradable polyester fabric made by the latest technology.

2. Changes of recycled polyester enterprises in the exhibition
Continuing the trend in the Yarn Expo Spring, HC re-PSF manufacturers still show low willingness to participant the exhibition, mainly due to the serious squeeze from HC PSF and no breakthrough on high-end products. The performance is mild in buoyant season, while some manufacturers intend to participate the Canton Fair. Therefore, recycled products in the Yarn Expo focus on re-PFY and colored re-PSF.
Products Manufacturers
HC re-PSF Hebei Jinyi
Solid re-PSF Hangzhou Benma,Hebei Jinyi,Yangzhou Rongcheng, Telilun, Jiangsu Wuhe, Seeker Evironmental Protection, Jiangsu Xieda
Re-PFY Cixi Xingke, Longfu, Yizheng Zhongxing, Zhejiang Haili, Zhejiang Jiaren

The sentiment for re-PFY is moderate overall. Barring the re-PFY produced by the old brands, some plants purchase re-PET chip to produce re-PFY, and some plants plan to invest a new line to produce re-PFY. Moreover, some plants that produce virgin PFY also have plan to produce re-PFY.

Solid re-PSF plants apply for the GRS certification intensively this year. Raw white products are depressed by the virgin PSF much, so plants hope to reduce the pressure by producing high-end products. Plants that produce colored re-PSF also state great pressure. Raw white re-PSF market is weak, and some new production line or some plants consider black or colored re-PSF.

3. New products or recommended products
There is no innovative product temporarily. Take a view of the differential products on the exhibition.

Shoulder tape for brand sports bag

For the downstream market, recycled environmental fabric is also promoted.

4. Relative new point-recycled nylon
Except recycled polyester, recycled nylon has been seen on the exhibition this year. The plant applies for the certification this year, and currently, it mainly produces based on orders, having no stable clients.

The specification in the chart---dull recycled nylon/spandex 4050dtex/72f, and the fabric for sportswear

5. Future development trend
Sustainability, environmental protection and recycling are the highlights of this exhibition.

Recycling and degradability are still the future development trend.
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