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Insight | Time: Feb 11 2020 5:01PM
Brief analysis on acrylic fiber exports in January-November 2019
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In January-November, 2019, acrylic fiber export volume significantly ascended compared with 2018. Especially in May and September, the export reached obvious peaks. According to the author, China’s yarn market was not ideal in 2019, while sources pointed out that the market gradually shrank, so it can be speculated that the increase in acrylic fiber exports was a kind of method for plants to actively explore overseas markets and guarantee sales volume.
Export destinations Export volume (tons) Value ($)
Hong Kong 623 1,253,414
India 542 1,177,986
Burma 138 311,130
Nepal 46 98,040
US 22 82,552
South Korea 11 42,525
Thailand 1 3,200
Australia 1 2,879
Japan 0 497
New Zealand 0 468
Ecuador 0 90
Total 1,384 2,972,781

Export destinations Export volume (tons) Value ($)
Indonesia 448 1,052,231
Vietnam 22 53,667
Latvia 10 64,687
Russian Federation 6 14,100
Taiwan 1 4,320
UK 1 2,875
India 0 1,927
Total 489 1,193,807

Take ASF export in May as an example, by comparing export destinations in 2019 and 2018, it was clear that export destinations are diverse. However, the purchasing amount in Asian area was still dominant.
Imports & exports and growth rate in January-November 2019
Acrylic fiber Volume (kt) Growth rate
Import 81.3 -43.38%
Export 23.4 30.73%

Compared with imports, although there was a large gap between the total exports and imports, the growth rate was relatively evident. On the contrary, though the total imports was large, the decrease in growth rate of imports in January-November, 2019 was relatively significant.

Generally, on the one hand, the increment of export volume was benefited from the active exploration of plants for overseas markets, and on the other hand, it was based on weak domestic demand. Recently, on the macro side, the demand of end-users was boosted thanks to the bullish factor of the signing of the first phase trade agreement between China and the US, which laid a favorable foundation for acrylic fiber export sales after the festival.
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