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Insight | Time: Jan 24 2022 4:22PM  Editor:CCFGroup
2021 China cotton yarn exports recovered
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2021 cotton yarn exports of China increased by 33.3% on the year, but still down 28.7% compared with that in 2019. (The data come from China customs and cover products under HS code 5205.)


Dec cotton yarn exports of China amounted to 15.3kt, up 3kt from Nov, but down 10% on the year.


2021 cotton yarn exports of China totaled 170kt, up 33.3% on the year against 12.7kt in 2020, but down 28.7% compared with that in 2019. It peaked in 2018 during the past ten years. The decrease in exports mainly lies in the production distribution and transfer of cotton textile industrial chain in South Asia and Southeast Asia.



The product structure did not change much compared with that in the past years. It was still centered on combed cotton yarn, as combed 30.4-46.6S, combed  54.8-66S and combed over 66S still ranked the top three in exports, but the shares of combed cotton yarn decreased by 2.3% on the year and that of uncombed 8.2-25S improved by 2.3%.

The export volume of combed 30.4-46.6S/1 and ply yarn, and combed 8.2-25S dropped obviously by 25%, 11% and 24% respectively, while that of uncombed 8.2-25S, combed 46.6-54.8S and combed over 66S increased by 39%, 22% and 22% respectively. 



The export destinations changed largely. Pakistan was still the first largest export destination of Chinese cotton yarn and it shared 7.8% more, followed by Bangladesh with an increase of 2.7% and Vietnam with a decrease of 2.7%.


The export volume to Hong Kong of China, Philippines and Japan decreased greatly by 30%, 18% and 43% respectively, and that to Italy and Brazil increased by 57% and 96%.


In conclusion, cotton yarn exports of China in 2021 improved slightly than that in 2020, but overall showed downtrend in recent years. Combed cotton yarn was still dominant in the exported products. The export volume to Pakistan and Bangladesh improved.

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