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Insight | Time: Mar 19 2021 9:45AM
Recycled products and development trend in 2021 Yarn Expo Spring
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2021 Yarn Expo Spring is taking place during Mar 17 and Mar 19 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). In 2021, the participants in the expo reduce compared with previous years, and as the foreigners are limited to take part in, there are less import and export products. But there is still a sense of fashion and technology. The live media appears more in end-user market, which really keeps pace with the times. After meeting the customers' basic demand, the high-end transforms into smart technology, private customization, and spiritual comfort. Generally speaking, it is more meticulous and multi-functional to meet consumers' needs.

1. Market mindset
The inventory in recycled chemical fiber plants is not large overall, and some plants continue to conclude previous orders. Recently, recycled chemical fiber prices go downward, and plants wait for the downstream demand after the prices stabilize. At the exhibition, the producers have expressed some concerns: how will the recycled market go after the capacity expansion of polyester in the future?

After the refining and chemical integration, plants without the accompanying units have less competitiveness, so are the recycled plants. In the recycling sector, conventional recycled plants without cleaning qualifications do have concerns, and other plants turn to focus on:
1. High-end
2. Differentiation
3. Composite fiber
4. The feedstock direction, such as 3A-grade white flakes

Plants with cost, brand, and regional advantages are expanding capacities. Some plants have withdrawn from the market, and environmental protection is still the development theme in the future, so there is still room for advantageous recycling plants.

2. Changes in the participation of recycled companies
Regarding the participation of recycled companies, recycled polyester filament yarn and colored recycled staple fiber plants are relatively fixed participants. The demand for high-end products with GRS has gradually recovered this year, but the prices of high-end re-PSF are hard to move high with limited added value.
Products Plants
HC re-PSF Hebei Jinyi, Guangdong Qiusheng
Solid re-PSF Hangzhou Benma,Hebei Jinyi,Yangzhou Rongcheng, Jiaxing Fulin, Guangdong Qiusheng, Jiangsu Wuhe
Re-PFY Cixi Xingke, Yizheng Zhongxing, Zhejiang Haili, Zhejiang Jiaren

On the feedstock market, 3A-grade white flakes market are supposed to be favorable in the future. On the one hand, international brands have strengthened cooperation. On the other hand, big polyester plants have entered the recycled market and have procurement needs.

3. New products

Rose fiber and rose scarves

The most interesting product is the rose fiber, and the fabric made is rose scent, which is known to be anti-oxidant.

The winter quilt of Globon has rose microcapsules with rose scent. The fragrance will last for 5-10 years and remove 5% per time after cleaning. One piece costs more than RMB10,000. The shoulders are cold-proof, and the filling content of the double quilt is different for men and women.

Imported goose down is not only beautiful, but has different hand feeling. The price is more than RMB 800,000 per ton. For one piece of winter quilt, the weight is 1200 grams. The most expensive is the Iceland eiderdown. The production is only 1,000-2,000 kgs per year, and a quilt is worth more than RMB 300,000.

4. New points-recycled nylon
In addition to recycled polyester, recycled nylon can also be seen this year. Different from mature recycled polyester, recycled nylon starts late. Plants generally began to do GRS certification in 2019. Currently, it is still produced based on orders. High-end recycled nylon fiber prices are 50% more expensive than the ordinary fibers. It is estimated that the overall recycled nylon fibers output is less than 20,000-30,000 tons.

As for the zippers and webbing in accessories, major brands have also focused on environmental protection concepts. Actually, they are mainly for export. This sector is still in initial stage, but develops fast.

There are also sustainable products such as recycled fabric, organic cotton, and tencel fabric.

5. Future development trend
The theme of sustainability and environmental protection remains unchanged.

The 14th Five-Year Plan points out that future consumption is information consumption, digital consumption, green consumption, customized consumption, experiential consumption and fashion consumption. In addition, it also points out the rise of own brands. The four major areas, cosmetics, garments, home textiles and electronic products will give priority to cultivating high-end brands belonging to China. The chemical fiber is directly involved in two fields, driving for the rise of own brands.
[RISK DISCLAIMER] All opinions, news, analysis, prices or other information contained on this report is provided by analyst of Zhejiang Huarui Information Consulting Co., Ltd (CCFGroup) as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. CCFGroup will not accept liability for any loss or damage, including without limitation to, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.
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