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Research | Time: May 8 2019 3:46PM
Rayon yarn market change on vortex-spun yarn operation
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Vortex-spun rayon yarn performed tolerable in past two years. Profits were tolerable despite expanding scales and increasing production, and sales were still smooth, mildly affected by inventory pressure. In 2019, when rayon yarn market stabilized, vortex-spun yarn price was the only one that moved up. Compared with underselling losses in previous years, vortex-spun yarn took a turn for the better. Such change has many factors, and to a certain extent represents overall rayon yarn market shift.

Content (Total 11 pages)
I. Yarn market scale and operational changes

1.1Vortex-spun and rayon yarn market changes
1.2 Correlation between yarn and VSF

II. Yarns and feedstock
2.1Yarn costs
2.2Yarn product adjustment
2.3Changes in feedstock selection

III. Yarn application range and flow direction
3.1Blended yarn
3.2Export market
3.3Replacement between yarns

IV. Yarn application range and flow direction
4.1Regional features of vortex-spun rayon yarn
4.2Regional features of rayon yarn

V. Conclusion

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