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Research | Time: Nov 14 2019 10:25AM
2019 state cotton reserves sales structure analysis
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On April 23, 2019, the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration and the Ministry of Finance announced that the state cotton auction would be implemented from May 5 to September 30, 2019, with a total quantity of 1 million tons. In principle, the daily selling volumes score at 10,000 tons. Currently, the state cotton auction has ended and this report will have a review on the sales of reserved cotton and analyze from quality and mills’ auction. Moreover, the remaining volumes of reserved cotton are also analyzed.

I. 2019 state cotton auction review
1. Sales condition and market review
2. Relation of trading proportion and price spread between Chinese cotton 3128 and reserved cotton
II. Trading structure of reserved cotton in 2019
III. Remaining volumes of reserved cotton
IV. Conclusion

Chart 1. Trading volumes of reserved cotton in 2019
Chart 2. Trading prices and proportion of reserved cotton in 2019
Chart 3. Price spread of Chinese cotton 3128 and reserved cotton in 2019

Figure 1. Trading volumes and prices of reserved cotton in 2019
Figure 2. 2019 state cotton auction-by product structure
Figure 3. Top 20 buyers of reserved cotton in 2019
Figure 4. Remaining stocks of reserved cotton by Oct 1, 2019

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