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Research | Time: Mar 18 2020 10:04AM
PTA: Impact of capacity expansion cycle and cost collapse
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I. Data changes in PTA industry chain after the holiday

II. Recent factors influencing PTA market and key concerns
1. COVID-19 pandemic
2. Crude oil market
3. PX / PTA capacity expansion cycle
4. PTA prices approach historical lows in March
5. PX and PTA plant operating rates increase
6. PTA processing margin was medium-to-low
7. High stock and good profit of polyester products
8. Operating rate of downstream mills
9. PTA inventory is expected to keep accumulating

III. PTA Supply and Demand Outlook

Chart 1. PTA spot and futures market trend
Chart 2. PTA spot basis
Chart 3. Polyester polymerization rate
Chart 4. PTA processing margin in downtrend
Chart 5. PTA monthly production
Chart 6. PTA production loss
Chart 7. PTA supply and demand in 2018-2020
Chart 8. Cumulative infections in China
Chart 9. Cumulative infections overseas
Chart 10. PTA and crude oil price trends
Chart 11. PTA/PX processing spread
Chart 12. PTA price in 2000-2020
Chart 13. PX plant operating rate in China
Chart 14. PTA plant operating rate in China
Chart 15. PTA processing spread
Chart 16. Polyester fibers inventory
Chart 17. Polyester fibers cash flow
Chart 18. Fabric mills operating rate
Chart 19. Polyester polymerization rate
Chart 20. PTA inventory in China
Chart 21. PTA inventory structure
Chart 22. PX-naphtha spread
Chart 23. Polyester production growth slows down
Chart 24. PTA and polyester capacity
Chart 25. PTA supply and demand gap

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