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Research | Time: Apr 30 2020 4:01PM
Analysis on spandex for ear bands for masks in 2020
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Affected by the epidemic, the demand for masks at home and abroad has surged. Although domestic epidemic has been quickly and effectively controlled, the number of overseas diagnoses constantly and rapidly increased after March, and the consumption of masks was huge. China, as the largest mask production country, accounts for more than 50% of global mask supply. Especially in February, after the work resumption and production recovery of China's plants, the rapid increase in the output of masks needed to not only meet domestic demand but also support foreign demand. With the increase in mask production, supply of raw materials and supplementary materials for masks was tight, leading ti soaring prices. In April, spandex (dominated by 70-140D) and nylon products for ear bands for masks are collectively prepared in April. In the context of tight supply, prices significantly rose in the first half of April. Supply and demand of spandex for ear bands for masks, as well as distribution and tendency of spandex for ear bands and spandex of traditional weaving will be systematically analyzed in this report.

Chapter One. Ear bands for masks
I. Mask types and standards
銆1. Mask types
銆2. Mask standards
II. Mask appearance and structure
銆1. Appearance and structure of disposable masks
銆2. N95 mask appearance and structure
III. Introduction on ear bands machines
銆1. Types of mask-used ear bands production machines
銆2. Introduction of machines and accessories
IV. Areas with concentrated production of ear bands for masks
V. Raw material specifications of ear bands for masks
VI. Classification and price of ear bands for masks

Chapter Two. Spandex
I. Analysis on spandex supply
銆1. N95 mask appearance and structure
銆2. Analysis on supply of spandex for masks
II. Analysis on spandex demand
銆1. Analysis on China's spandex demand
銆2. Analysis on demand for spandex for ear bands
III. China's spandex industry operation
銆1. Ear bands ends the declining trend of spandex shortly
銆2. Cash flow loss reduction of spandex industry
銆3. Current operating rate
銆4. Spandex for ear bands drives industry inventory reduction
銆5. Demand of traditional weaving plants VS Demand of ear bands for masks

Chapter Three. Market outlook

List of Charts
Chart 1. Appearance and structure of disposable mask
Chart 2. Appearance and structure of N95 mask
Chart 3. Appearance of main types of needle cylinder machines for ear bands production
Chart 4. Head (left) and crochet (right) for needle cylinder machine
Chart 5. Round belt (left) and flat belt (right) of ear bands for masks
Chart 6. Spandex capacity in Chinese mainland
Chart 7. Spandex capacity in Chinese mainland and the world
Chart 8. China's spandex daily output and growth rate
Chart 9. 70-140D daily output
Chart 10. Production distribution of 70D and 140D
Chart 11. China's spandex demand in 2015-2019
Chart 12. Shares of spandex applications in 2016-2019
Chart 13. Spread between prices of 140D for ear bands and for lace
Chart 14. Spandex 20-40D prices
Chart 15. Spandex 40D profits
Chart 16. Spandex industry operating rate in 2016-2020
Chart 17. Spandex industry inventory in 2016-2020
Chart 18. Operating rate of spandex downstream weaving plants

List of Figures
Sheet 1. Specification distribution of spandex for ear bands
Sheet 2. Statistics of unit consumption of ear bands for masks and spandex
Sheet 3. China's demand for masks and usage statistics on ear bands and spandex

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