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Research | Time: Sep 1 2021 4:09PM
How to treat the game of each link in the viscose industry?
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The rapid development of viscose industry in recent years has been accompanied by the ups and downs of the market. This cyclical fluctuation has been disrupted and elongated due to the outbreak and duration of the COVID-19 epidemic. It is difficult for each link of the industry to make profits easily by virtue of experience and traditional models. In order to be profitable, or even just to survive, companies are becoming more and more sensitive to issues such as how to purchase raw materials with lower risk and more favorable prices, how to sell their products at the best price, and how to manage and cater to market demand. Therefore, the game among various links is becoming more and more subtle. At the same time, the pattern of each market is changing and the participants who are strong are becoming stronger.


I. Dissolving pulp



IV. Rayon yarn

V. Conclusion



Chart 1. Pulp source of China viscose fiber producers

Chart 2. Dissolving pulp capacity percentage

Chart 3. Dissolving pulp and VSF price trend of China

Chart 4. Proportion of China VSF capacity of China by major producers

Chart 5. VSF application of China

Chart 6. VSF profit change of China

Chart 7. Proportion of China VFY capacity of China by major producers

Chart 8. China vortex-spun yarn capacity distribution

Chart 9. Rayon yarn output change of China

Chart 10. Top five spandex plants of China (by capacity)

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How to treat the game of each link in the viscose industry?