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Research | Time: Mar 30 2022 4:40PM  Editor:Irma Zhang
Study on influencing factors of CPL-benzene price difference
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Generally speaking, CPL processing difference refers to the price gap between CPL and benzene, so it is also called the CPL-benzene price difference by insiders.


In fact, in addition to benzene, CPL has many other raw materials, but since benzene has the largest proportion in the cost composition of raw materials, although not very strict, the price difference between CPL and benzene can basically represent the profitability of CPL market.


From the historical perspective, what are the factors that affect the price difference between caprolactam and benzene? What has changed over time? This study focuses on these issues.


Key points

-鈥淐PL-benzene difference鈥 depends more on the relationship between supply and demand, especially in the current situation of oversupply, and more attention should be paid to the growth of demand.


-The difference between the two stages of CPL profit situation is very obvious. The main reason is the localization of CPL.


-Coal, liquid ammonia and other raw materials other than benzene should be paid more attention to the impact of short-term sudden price changes. In the long run, the price trend is relatively stable and there are ways to avoid risks in business operations. So the impact is relatively limited.


-Changes in transaction patterns are also the consequences of changes in supply and demand. But the impact of the change was much larger than expected in the first quarter of 2022.

Main content

I. CPL-benzene price difference in the history


II. Supply-demand pattern and its impact on the price difference


III. Actual demand performance


IV. Influences of other raw materials are limited


V. Influences of transaction pattern is to be observed


VI. Conclusion

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