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Focus | Time: Mar 24 2020 4:29PM
Research on high-end and eco-friendly PET flakes, re-PET chip and re-PFY
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Plastic pollution and microplastics lures much attention and the sustainable fashion development is imminent. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness in recent years, large brands have launched recycling plans successively. However, China’s recycled market faces two big problems at present: 1. the shortage of feedstock. Front-end consumption shrinks affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the low recycling makes the recycling plants hard to operate; 2. Under the background of localization of refining-chemical integration, the substitution of virgin polyester fibers for the recycled chemical fibers is seen with the lower virgin polyester fiber prices. The reshuffle and upgrading of recycled market is intensifying and many recycled enterprises have turned to produce high-end and eco-friendly products. Then, how about the development of the high-end eco-friendly feedstock and recycled chemical fibers in China, and their upstream and downstream supplier directories and scale? What opportunities and challenges will the industry face in the future? CCFGroup will launch the report of Research on High-end and Eco-friendly PET flakes, re-PET chip and re-PFY to give you a glance.

Remark: CCFGroup reserves the right to make final changes to the contents of the research.

I. High-end and eco-friendly PET flake market
1. China re-PET recycling situation
2. China re-PET production distribution
3. Production profits of China high-end and eco-friendly white flakes
4. Downstream demand of China high-end and eco-friendly white flakes
5. Status quo of consumption field: product quality indicator, requirement on suppliers and etc.
6. Short-term glory of imported re-PET chip

II. Re-PFY supply
1. Re-PFY capacity and production in 2015-2020
2. High-end re-PFY market situation

III. Re-PSF market operation
1. Re-PSF market supply
2. Re-PSF capacity and production in 2015-2019
3. Re-PSF production profits and profits of high-end GRS certified re-PSF in 2015-2019

IV. High-end and eco-friendly re-PSF supply
1. High-end and eco-friendly solid re-PSF supply
2. High-end and eco-friendly HC re-PSF supply
3. Relative certification

V. High-end and eco-friendly re-PET market demand

VI. Special part: Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on high-end and eco-friendly fibers

VII. Development prospect and challenges of High-end and eco-friendly recycled products

VIII. Development of other recycled products

If you need the report, please contact us at:

T 86-571-83786653, 83786504
F 86-571-83786600
Email: market@ccfgroup.com
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