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Focus | Time: May 18 2021 4:26PM
China Monoethylene Glycol Market Status and Outlook 2021-2025
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China's monoethylene glycol (MEG) capacity has seen rapid growth in the past few years and is expected to reach 22.775 million mt/year by the end of 2021, with a year on year growth of around 44%. And China's capacity is expected to account by around 43% of world total MEG capacity by end-2021. The growth is primarily drive by the huge demand in China's polyester industry, and new capacities will be mainly from mega refineries and coal chemical projects.


With the rapid growth of China domestic output, China's dependence on MEG imports is gradually decreasing and further decrease is still expected.

Huarui Infomation has been in Chinese polyester industry chain consulting for nearly 25 years and has an in-depth understanding in both polyester feedstock and product areas. Given the fast-changing market environment and fierce competition in MEG industry, CCFGroup-the English branch of Huarui Information, will issue China Monoethylene Glycol Market Status and Outlook Report 2021-2025.

This report, focusing on China's MEG market, covers 5-year historical data of MEG capacity, production, and import, and also new capacities, supply-demand and price outlook in 2021-2025.

The report provides:

Comprehensive information on China's MEG market and major suppliers, covering different production routes and feedstocks. Comprehensive cost competitive analysis on both coal to MEG and other production routes. Based on the analysis of feedstock, cost comparison, supply-demand balance, we could have a clearer picture of the market development, know which production route is more competitive in China, what changes of China's MEG imports & exports will have, and which companies are likely exit the market. You will also have the full MEG capacity expansion list in 2021-2025, including the analysis on the startup possibilities of some companies.


China Monoethylene Glycol Market Status and Outlook 2021-2025


I. China domestic MEG market status

1. Major production process and feedstock

    1.1 Major production process

    1.2 Feedstock-Naphtha, gas, coal

2. By-product and output adjustment of conventional units

    2.1 ethylene oxide

    2.2 polyethylene

3. Major producers in China

    3.1 Targeting markets

    3.2 Sales mode

    3.3 Equipped downstream units

4. China's MEG imports and exports


II. MEG production cost comparison

1. Coal-based MEG

2. Naphtha-based MEG

3. Ethane-based MEG

4. Outsourced methanol

5. Outsourced ethylene

6. Horizontal comparison of above feedstock

7. Capacity rationalization and exit


III. China's MEG market outlook 2021-2025

1. China's MEG capacity, output and supply-demand

    1.1 China's MEG capacity, output and supply-demand in 2016-2020

    1.2 Global MEG capacity growth forecast 2021-2025

    1.3 China's MEG output forecast 2021-2025

    1.4 China's MEG import and export forecast in 2021-2025

    1.5 China's MEG supply-demand forecast in 2021-2025

2. China's MEG price trend forecast

3. Development for different production route and competiveness outlook

IV. Conclusion

If you need the report, please contact us at:
T 86-571-8378 6653, 8378 6504
F 86-571-8378 6600
Email: market@ccfgroup.com

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