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Focus | Time: Jun 22 2022 4:58PM  Editor:Dilys Wang
Research on high-end and eco-friendly PET flake, re-PET chip and recycled fiber
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Plastic pollution and microplastics lures much attention and the sustainable development is imminent. With the continuous improvement of environmental protection awareness in recent years, large brands have launched recycling plans successively. However, China鈥檚 recycled market continues to face new challenges.


The shortage of recycled plastic was serious in 2020. The supply was disrupted as the post-consumer resin shrank during the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides, the substitution of virgin polyester fibers for the recycled fibers was obvious due to the lower cost of virgin polyester fibers under the background of localization of refining-chemical integration.


In 2022, the industry is facing new challenges:

1. The frequent outbreaks of pandemic and lockdown measures led to reduction of bottle consumption, which tightened the recycled PET flakes supply;

2. With more demand from non-recycled fiber, like sheet plants, recycled PET flakes supply to recycled fiber plants decreases. Moreover, the profit of recycled fibers reduced and some even suffered losses;

3. Recycling and degradability are still the trend of development. Virgin polyester plants continue to enter the recycling field. Increasing the utilization of waste textiles and garments and the large-scale production of chemical methods are the future development directions.


The capacity elimination and upgrading of recycling industry accelerate. The cash flow of high-end and eco-friendly re-PET remains low for long time. High-end and eco-friendly re-PFY capacity keeps expanding, leading to fierce market competition and some irregular operations.


CCFGroup will publish the report of Research on High-end and Eco-friendly PET flakes, Re-PET chip and Recycled Fiber. It will describe the development of the high-end eco-friendly feedstock and recycled fibers in China and provide the list of upstream and downstream suppliers including production scale. The report will also analyze the status quo of chemical recycling and the problems as well as the opportunities and challenges the industry may face in the future.



I. High-end and eco-friendly PET flake market

1. China re-PET recycling situation

2. China re-PET production distribution

3. Production profits of China鈥檚 high-end and eco-friendly white flakes

4. Downstream demand for China鈥檚 high-end and eco-friendly white flakes

5. Status quo of consumption field: product quality indicator, requirement on suppliers and etc.

6. Short-term glory of imported re-PET chip

7. Development of PET flakes in non-recycled chemical fiber fields


II. High-end and eco-friendly re-PET chip market pattern

1. China high-end and eco-friendly re-PET chip production distribution

2. Production profits of China high-end and eco-friendly re-PET chip

3. Development pattern and change of China high-end and eco-friendly re-PET chip


III. Supply pattern of re-PFY market

1. Re-PFY capacity and production in 2015-2022

2. High-end and eco-friendly re-PFY market development status

3. Problems and market outlook of high-end and eco-friendly re-PFY


IV. Operation status of re-PSF

1. Re-PSF market supply pattern

2. Re-PSF capacity and production in 2017-2022

3. Re-PSF production profits and high-end GRS certified re-PSF profits in 2017-2022


V. High-end and eco-friendly re-PSF supply

1. High-end and eco-friendly solid re-PSF supply

2. High-end and eco-friendly HC re-PSF supply

3. Related certificates


VI. High-end and eco-friendly re-PET market demand

1. Recycling planning of international brands

2. Re-PET demand forecast in 2025

3. Direction of eco-friendly products


VII. Special chapter

1. Impacts of pandemic on high-end and eco-friendly fibers and countermeasures (2020 and 2022)

2. Microplastics

Key content: definition, source, ubiquity, hazard and countermeasures


VIII. Development prospect of chemical methods

1. Increasing application in high added value products, a future development direction for conventional recycled chemical fiber

2. China waste textile recycling policy (including chemical method)

3. Development status and problems of chemical method

Key content: concepts, flowcharts, supply directories, status quo and problems


IX. Development prospect and challenges of high-end and eco-friendly recycled products

1. SWOT analysis

2. Calculation of virgin chemical fiber cost at the stage of low/high oil prices


X. Development of other recycled products

Key content: recycled nylon, regenerated cellulose fiber, sustainable polyurethane.

If you need the report, please contact us at:

T 86-571-8378 6653, 8378 6504

F 86-571-8378 6600

Email: market@ccfgroup.com

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