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CCFGroup.com updates regular market information of chemicals(benzene, toluene, styrene, xylene, DEG, methanol, PE, PP), chemical fibers( polyester, recycled fiber, nylon, spandex, acrylic, viscose) and cotton&textiles(cotton, spun Yarn, textiles) on morning express, daily, weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and annual reports and diversified live news, industry news, Insights, etc.

In addition, CCFGroup provides value added email alert service based on website account, to ensure members won’t miss anything important when unable to search online by themselves.

Guidance of How to Search Info Online:

Consulting Service

Customized solutions which are innovative and sustainable to help organizations and companies achieve business excellence and deliver maximum value to the business.

---Industry operation research: exclusive sources of the operating rate, inventory, prices, and profit status of the industry or customized survey samples.

---Industrial chain supply and demand research: supply and demand, development trends and investment opportunities in the cotton, synthetic fibers and petrochemical industries.

---Project feasibility • development planning: feasibility study for project investment, market development potential, enterprise competitiveness analysis, investment project planning, etc.

Training Service

Industry training course for business professionals at all levels who wish to progress into the industry or refresh, broaden and update the industry knowledge.