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CCFGroup has provided consulting service in chemical fiber and textiles industry for over ten years. With the extensive customer base and specialized information channels, CCFGroup has won good reputation and built strong customer connections in the industry. 
We have done single-client study for many companies such as DuPont, Samsung, BP, Itochu, Honeywell, Tembec etc. We are experienced to offer special subject investigation and research consultation according to the requirements.

·China polyester industrial yarn market status quo and future developme
·Polyester and Polymer Projects under Construction and Plan in China
·Report on China's Polyester Staple Fiber Capacity, Consumption and Technique
·Cash Costs Analysis on China's Polyester and Polyester Fibers
·Survey on Polyester Industrial Filament Yarns and Fibers for Tyres
·Survey on Safefy Gasbag of Automobiles
·Survey on Large Weaving Enterprises in Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces of China
·Survey on China's Sewing Thread Market
·Capacity of Polyester DTY Enterprises in China
·Current Status of Investment, Market Subdivision and Market Demand of China's Spandex Industry
·Survey on Nylon Market in Yiwu, Zhuji and Haining Cities of Zhejiang Province
·Survey on Spinnerets of Chemical Fiber Industry
·Survey on China's Cord Thread and Fabric Industry (N6, N66, PET)
·Survey on Nylon Supply & Demand in Guangdong Province
·Survey on Dull Superfine Nylon Differential filament Yarns
·Survey on Supply & Demand of Sea-island Filament Yarns in China